Local Heroes


Feature, AT 2013, 95 min

A leather jacket and eyes blackened with make-up. Tommy is a musician with heart, having long outlived his idol, Kurt Cobain. Like him, though, he is also self-destructive and is drawn increasingly into a musical mania and alcohol excess. For the dream of a record contract, promised to the winner of local band contest, he will go to any lengths. The driven individual stops for no one – be it others or himself.

(Catalog Text Diagonale 2013)

Henning Backhaus‘ feature film debut (he received the Carl-Mayer-Förderpreis for the screenplay draft) about Tommy (Thiemo Strutzenberger), a twenty-something who refuses to wake up and sees his future in winning a band competition, turns out to be a pretty big film promise for the future. Tommy is cowardly, mendacious, considers Kurt Cobain his role model and avoids reality. Until a stroke of fate hits him.

Backhaus brings to the screen a film with both young (Michael Kranz, Laura Louisa Garde, Elena Schmidt, Michaela Schausberger) and very distinguished actors such as Simon Schwarz, August Zirner and Elisabeth Rath that redeems a number of things.

(Kleine Zeitung)


In his debut film, Michael Haneke student Henning Backhaus portrays the fate of his young protagonists in a stirring and honest way.

(Filmarchiv Austria)


Cast Thiemo Strutzenberger, Laura Louisa Garde, Michael Kranz, Elena Schmidt, Simon Schwarz, August Zirner, Michaela Schausberger
Written and Directed Henning Backhaus
Producer Wega Film, Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz, Ulrike Lässer
Director of Photography Carsten Thiele
Editor Stefan Stabenow
Production Design Hans Wagner
Costume Design Cinzia Cioffi
Assistant Director Albert Meisl
Sound Recordist Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Sond Design Nils Kirchhoff
Music Hans Wagner
Re-Recording Bernhard Maisch
Funding Österreichisches Filminstitut, Filmfonds Wien, ORF


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