Langes kurzes Leben

Documentary, AT 2012, 45 min

Tuvia Rübner (1924 – 2019) was among Israel’s most important poets, and his life was a continual dealing with heavy losses. His curious, unpretentious gaze was that of someone who will never be finished with life, for better or for worse.

The Bratislava-born poet and literary scholar emigrated to Palestine in 1941 at the age of 17. The unfussy film, which registers the subtlest of nuances, shows Rübner, a shrewd man who was very old at the time of filming, in his home on Kibbutz Merchawia and accompanies him on a trip to the city of his birth. „It was like reading Joseph Roth,“ the filmmaker says of this encounter. „That’s when you first understand where you yourself come from. Rübner grew up trilingual, when the majority of the city was still called Pressburg, and the German of that time was vividly preserved in him.“

(Michael Omasta, Film Critic)


Producer, Director, Editor Henning Backhaus
Camera Georg Geutebrueck
B-Camera Sebastian Thaler
Line Producer Ester Hassfurther
VFX Supervisor Roland Stöttinger
Colorist Georg Geutebrueck
Funding Filmakademie Wien, Österreichischer Nationalfonds


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